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Airscanner AntiVirus

Proactive protection to prevent malware.

  • Malware detection
  • File monitoring
  • Optimized scanning

Airscanner Firewall

Block malicious connections.

  • Alerting and Logging
  • Block intruders
  • Attack detection

Airscanner Encrypter

Secure your data.

  • Encryption
  • Protection
  • Privacy

Airscanner PowerTools

A value packed collection of utilities.

  • Safe Mode
  • Device Monitoring Tools
  • Registry editor and IE Cleaner

Airscanner Sniffer

Monitor wireless traffic.

  • Packet monitoring
  • Custom filters
  • Network statistics

Smartphone AntiVirus

Proactive protection for your phone.

  • Malware detection
  • File monitoring
  • Optimized scanning

Mobile Security Bundle

Save money on this full protection combo.

  • Airscanner AntiVirus
  • Airscanner Encrypter
  • Airscanner Firewall


Supreme Security Bundle

Our entire collection of products.

  • Full security protection
  • Complete control over device
  • Monitor wireless traffic

AntiVirus Firewall Encrypter PowerTools Sniffer Smartphone AntiVirus
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